A collaboration between Ninus and Amber Cronin.

Spool is a collaborative project undertaken by long term friends and collaborators, Ninus (Annissa Adhika) and Amber Cronin. The duo have worked collaboratively between Australia and Indonesia since 2016, bringing together their shared interests in multi-disciplinary practice. Ninus is a dancer, choreographer and architect and Cronin’s practice is rooted in visual arts, community engagement and collaborative practice.

Spool is a performative installation that encompasses a number of investigations that the duo have shared over the past two years. Rooted in interests in their cross-cultural collaboration, the duo have worked sound designer Jian Liew (Kyson) to set their ideas to a sound track that creates an atmosphere around the work.

The installation stands solitary and references the making of ancient textiles, an interest that runs a thread through the interests for both Ninus and Cronin.


This short film was produced by local film maker, and sound was made by Jian Liew (Kyson).

Spool has been supported by The Mill’s In-Between Spaces exchange program and Rumah Sanur Creative Space in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.