F o u r w o r d s . the movement was started by Amber Cronin, Acey Cope, Thomas Miller and Matt Stuart. In 2010, the team of university friends fashioned this new local scene and many joined their call and inventiveness. Fourwords consisted of events and launches, national touring of small to medium musical acts, an online site, blog, Twitter and Facebook page, all with the intention to endorse and showcase local Adelaide talent. By developing a strong following and combining both independent music and the arts, fourwords developed a formula for musical acts and artists, particularly the independents, to reach out to a demographic that they would otherwise not come into contact with. 

As the fourwords movement gained a sense of maturity and momentum, in addition to promoting local talent, the local company toured and promoted guests from interstate and overseas. Fourwords aimed at expanding and enhancing the local music infrastructure within Adelaide into a more supportive platform for local independent artists.

"They are one of the only crews in town whose focus lies solely in giving opportunities to local bands and promoting live music. They work tirelessly for little to no money whilst still remaining dedicated to the growth and development of the Adelaide scene. I couldn’t begin to imagine how different the live music scene in this town would be without them."

As the site suggested, fourwords was “a movement of music, art, culture and good times.” Many regulars felt like fourwords is 'a bit of a family' and I certainly feel it too. As Cronin affirms, “It’s these people to which we owe our success; they are the ones that ensure that there is a crowd every time, they are the ones that are spreading our branding and keeping the dreams of fourwords a reality.”