Amber Cronin facilitated and led ATLAS, a 20 min video work consisting of four short films made collaboratively by ten South Australian based visual artists, musicians, and film artists.  ATLAS is a collaborative project which facilitated the development of four short film based works which consider things beyond our skies within a planetary dome. These immersive works and soundscapes are presented inside 180 degrees of cinema.



1.. "Watch the Stars" (2015) Aida Azin & Abbey Howlett

2. "Rawling Star" (2015) Henry Jock Walker, Amanda Lee Radomi & Hugh Black, Luke Hancock

3. "Away from the Sun" (2015) Liam Somerville & Naomi Kristina, Tom Capagreco

4. "Future Memory" (2009) Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell


ATLAS is a fulldome immersive cinema experience made during the 'Dome It production workshop series' led by Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell of Felicity Arts. 

The 2015 full dome films are co-commissioned by The Mill and Felicity Arts thanks to Arts South Australia.